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Inspirational Stories

Julia The Day and the Hour A Treat For Daddy
Why Die? Peanut's Bad Day The Penalty
Friendology 101 God's Not Done Yet The Widow's Oil
A Picnic with the Lord  Prodigal Peanut When Babies Dream

The Wonderful Birthday Party (A Christmas Devotional)

Andy's Chains No More Chances
Arguing With My Dog Peanut AKA Eve Moving Day
Power in Prayer Black Plague Unjust Wounds
Everyone, Out of the Pool! Jesus is Life!!! No Secrets
Open The Eyes Ahem I can't, I can!
Tiki! The Nailer Do I Love You?
What Is Fair? Puppy Love The Wal-Mart Girl
Double The Blessing The Debt Lord, Where Are You?
Have No Ear? Jesus Is Here! He Touched Me! Open Wide
About Giants The Lost Hound Dog What's So Good About Good Friday?
The Very Cold Day The Crummy Visit Even You, Even Me! 
Daddy, Daddy Please Don't Go To Church The Cave Real Faith

What Would You Do? 
By David "Buddy" Kirby

The Dump The Grouch
A Christmas Story:Chapter 1 - The House With No Toys The Three NOT Wise Men (A Christmas Story) The Fearsome Puddle
The Enemy The Swim Test Does It Come In Grape?
Take Him or Leave Him Marvelous Are Thy Works The Tears Are Gone
One Lost Sheep Come Forth Rescued
Hold My Paw The Question Hunger Pains
Offend In One Point Space Patrol Is It The Gardener?
  Gators Make Awful Pets Humpty Dumpty and More


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